Customized solutions
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Expertise in provider network management focusing in
processes and continuous technological innovation

Over 16 years of partnership with the insurance and services markets

  • SIS Group started its operations in 2006 to meet the needs of the Extend Warranty market, which brought new opportunities due to regulatory changes.
  • Along our trajectory, we expanded our portfolio and diversify our markets, always seeking to innovate.
  • All of our solutions are customized focusing in the business goals of our clients and in the experience of their customers.
  • Our leadership is formed by professionals with more than 25 years in the insurance market, which allows our solutions to be developed based on a wide experience and long-term strategic vision.

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We customize these and other solutions according to the needs of your company



Contact Center
  • Call Center
  • Asset – Sale and Collection
  • Relationship – After Sales
Claim Regulation
  • Extended warranty
  • Theft, Theft and Breakage of New Appliances
  • Home (Electrical Damage)
  • Massified (Financial Protection, Home, etc.)
Salvage Management
  • Massified Insurance
Convenience services
  • Equipment Installations
  • Home maintenance services
Health services
  • Life quality and well being
  • Health management

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Granting the quality and efficiency of our service providers is a pillar of our value proposition

We have qualified professionals and with expertise in dimensioning, selection, maintenance, and development of affiliated network, plus technology to manage the service providers that enable us to deliver the best user experience and best cost-benefit ratio for our clients.

Over 4 thousand technical assistances

More than 2 thousand accredited professionals